Meet The Board 2021

Mila Dorosh, President

I am very grateful for the superstar team we have on the ICF WA board for 2021. I am looking forward to engage with many of you, our members, through the variety of events, open board meetings, pro-bono coaching and outreach programs. Let’s continue building together our chapter as a trustful and valuable resource to professional coaches in Washington State. Reach me at

Anu Arora, Past President

It has been a privilege to lead an incredibly talented and heartful board for the last two years. I am grateful for our members continued trust and confidence in us. This year, I am glad to support our fearless President Mila Dorosh, and her superstar team to reckon, with their audacious goals. I consider myself as the ambassador of ICF WA State Chapter that compliments with my other role as the Ambassador for International Coach Federation’s Foundation, to ignite social progress through Coaching.

Barbara Visser, Vice-President

As an ICF member, I have received great value in both the local and global community of coaches through networking, professional development, volunteer opportunities, and a shared commitment to advancing the highest standards for coaching as part of a thriving society. Stepping further into leadership as Vice President allows me to help nurture a healthy and inclusive chapter, and deepen relationship with our members and volunteers who are the heart of our organization.

Brittany Corona, Treasurer and Director of Sponsorships

I am super excited to start off 2021 on the ICF WA Board as your Treasurer and Director of Sponsorships. I am passionate about strategic financial planning, marketing, nonprofit leadership, and coaching. Therefore, I feel fortunate to be in a role where I can contribute to all these areas. I look forward to learning how I can best support the vision and mission of the chapter and its members over the next year. You can reach me at:

Adam Gierlach, Secretary

We have a tremendously impactful community of coaches in our chapter! I’m so grateful to serve each of you and our community as a whole, as we seek to be the most trusted and valuable resource for professional coaches in Washington State. 

Christine Rose, Director of Satellites

It’s my joy to support volunteer Satellite leaders/coaches as we work throughout the year to bring excellent, diverse, timely continuing education opportunities, communities of practice and support for ICF members and guest coaches in Washington State and around the world on Zoom.

Hsuan-hua Chang, Director of Outreach

Looking forward to working with our coaches to build our chapter as a trustful and valuable resource to various WA communities (corporations, small/medium businesses, and non-profit organizations) while evangelizing professional coaching.

Melanie Vargas, Membership Director

As serving as your Membership Director in Washington State, I am committed to ensuring that our members are engaged and that our programs, services and initiatives continue to meet your needs. . I value your feedback and want to make sure you are satisfied with what we are providing in all aspects of our work.

 Peyina Lin-Roberts, Co-Director of Coaching Equity

I am inspired by our community of coaches/leaders and the path they have laid for us to extend ahead. I look forward to engaging our diverse members in co-creating spaces for growth that put coaching, leadership, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in an integrated and embracing journey.

Linda Lander, Director of Education

"I look forward to building, supporting and preserving the quality of education we offer to our members. Our goal is provide a forum for continued development of the art and science of coaching,  advocating for excellence and expanding awareness of the many disciplines of coaching.."

Anne Reeve, Director of University Partnerships

"As your University Partnerships Director I am passionate about building professional connections with universities in our state. With strong partnerships at local university business schools, graduating MBA students benefit from  coaching from our generous community of coach volunteers. As a win/win for students and coaches, we're elevating the reputation of professional coaching, and providing opportunities for coaches to give back in our community”.