Barbara Visser, President

As an ICF member, I have received great value in both the local and global community of coaches through networking, professional development, volunteer opportunities, and a shared commitment to advancing the highest standards for coaching as part of a thriving society. Stepping further into leadership as Chapter President allows me to help nurture a healthy and inclusive chapter, and deepen relationship with our members and volunteers who are the heart of our organization. Reach me at

Mila Dorash, Past President

I am very grateful for working with the superstar team we have on the ICF WA board both last year and again in 2022. I am looking forward to engage with many of you, our members, through the variety of events, open board meetings, pro-bono coaching and outreach programs. I am excited to support the new 2022 board in fulfilling our objectives to connect, develop, influence and lead by bringing our values of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and justice to the center of everything we do within our chapter!

Peyina Lin-Roberts, Vice-President

Last year, as the Co-director of Coaching Equity, I witnessed differentiated and balanced leadership in our board as we co-created the foundation to embody DEIB in every aspect of our work. Working alongside such a talented board enabled me to step into the Vice President role in 2022 with renewed energy and clear purpose around creating alignment vertically (between our mission, goals, and operations), and horizontally (across the different board directorships and external networks), so that our collective actions enable our coaches to find community, growth, and be key contributors to an inclusive thriving society.

Kara Cuzzetto, Treasurer 

I am very excited to bring my finance background to the position of treasurer for WA ICF board of directors in 2022. However, what I am most excited for is to work with this great group of coaches. I know I will learn so much working with this team of coaches and I look forward to growing together. Thank you for the opportunity to serve on this board and give back to the community that has given me so much. You can reach me at:

Kim Kamolz, Secretary (Acting)

Being part of a professional coaches community has enhanced my skills, widened my perspective, and deepened my knowledge. As your Acting Secretary, I’m honored to contribute to our organization so that all coaches might be able to leverage valuable resources and networks.

Anne Reeve, Director of University Partnerships

I am passionate about serving on our ICF-WA Board and building professional connections with universities in our state. With strong partnerships at Graduate Schools of Business, MBA students benefit from professional coaching from our generous community of coach volunteers. As a win/win for students and coaches, we're elevating the reputation of professional coaching, providing opportunities for coaches to give back in our communities, and making coaching available to graduating MBA students who may not have access to an executive coach otherwise.

Beverly Philipp, Co-Director of Education (Acting)

 I have the privilege and honor to serve on the ICF–WA Board as a Co-Director of Education for the 2022 year. I am committed to ensuring we provide a diverse approach in creating learning experiences for our members and communities. I look forward to creating opportunities to learn and grow in partnership with our other Co-Director of Education, Kristal Roberts.

Kristal Roberts, Co-Director of Education (Acting)

As coaches and members of ICF we are committed to lifelong learning and pursuing professional standards of excellence. I am excited to be your Co -Director of Education (acting) to support this. In this role I am committed to bringing learning opportunities to you that challenge your thinking, build your skills, connect us as a community and allow and inspire you to develop both as an individual and within the coaching profession. I look forward to hearing your feedback on how we are meeting your needs and ideas to be even better.

Bruce Hostetter, Director of Satellites

I’m so excited to be a part of this vibrant team, serving the members of our chapter and the broader community. My intention is to provide openings and opportunities for our entire community to be included in learning, connection, leadership, and activities that serve to advance the coaching goals of our members. The theme I bring to satellites in this next year is inclusion without borders. Come help us figure out what that means.

Erica Goos, Co-Director of Coaching Equity

As your Co-Director of Coaching Equity, I’m passionate about continuing the work of connecting, developing, influencing, and leading our chapter towards embodying DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) values and actions in all spheres of coaching both locally and globally.

john miller, Co-Director of Coaching Equity

As an organizational development and coaching professional who embodies equity, anti-racism, and belonging, I welcome the opportunity to serve the ICFWA community as your Co-Director of Coaching Equity. I’m excited for the co-learning experience that awaits us.

Hsuan-hua Chang, Director of Outreach

Looking forward to working with our coaches to build our chapter as a trustful and valuable resource to various WA communities (corporations, small/medium businesses, and non-profit organizations) while evangelizing professional coaching.

Melanie Vargas, Membership Director

As serving as your Membership Director in Washington State, I am committed to ensuring that our members are engaged and that our programs, services and initiatives continue to meet your needs. I value your feedback and want to make sure you are satisfied with what we are providing in all aspects of our work.