President’s Message



At the beginning of 2018, the ICF Washington state board met to set intentions and strategy for the coming year.

We decided to be deliberate in our endeavor and make investments that are aligned with our mission and vision. Our vision is creating strategic and trusting relationships at all levels – within the board and extended leadership, our members, our sister chapters and consumers. Our mission is to advance Coaching to become mainstream. Our intention is to make all this sustainable and the impact visible.

And what a productive year it was!

We delivered strong!

We made significant progress on our charter.

We delivered “above and beyond” on the three keystone projects we embarked upon for bringing Coaching to our clients – pro-bono Coaching for the students of University of Washington Bothell Business School MBA program, Ignite (program initiated by ICF Global Foundation) program in which we partnered with two non-profit organizations and did pro-bono Coaching for their leaders, and the third one is when we brought a booth to the GeekWire Summit, coached 83 of the delegates, at this well-known and well attended tech conference of Seattle.

For our members, they were energized, inspired and connected by our Autumn Renewal Event.

In the process, we also galvanized our member base with more than 60 of you, who contributed with your heart and soul to these and other programs. Of course, many more of you attended our various events and programs.

In addition to the new endeavors, we also had our regular satellite meets and virtual events with relevant and enriching topics. These were well attended as well.

All this was under the astute leadership of Sharmin Banu, our President for 2018. Thank you, Sharmin!

As we step into 2019, we feel empowered, optimistic and proud about the chapter, and what we have and can achieve together. The strides we have made in 2018 will only grow in 2019. As I step into the President role, we commit to listen to you and invite you to engage and contribute. We have more than 500 of you who can also contribute and play with us. Ours is the 5th largest chapter in the United States with 575 of us and the opportunity to make a difference is humongous.

The Board meets on January 22nd to strategize on the goals and set its intention for the year. You can participate in this process. What is important to you? I have a short survey below (4 questions). That will help us know what is important for you in the coming year.

Here is my invitation to you: Together, we can take this organization to a higher level through trust, commitment and co-creation. WE, in which every I, is valued and honored.

1. Survey 1: Please take the survey below. This is the demonstration of your support in our intention setting process.

2. Survey/Form 2: Volunteer yourself to help move our vision forward. There are many ways to volunteer. Please fill out this form so that we know your interest. (Remember, there are also tangible rewards to volunteering, such as free access to virtual learning, etc.)

Places where people volunteered last year:

- Project leads

- Satellite and other events planning, coordination and on the day of the event help

- Website help

- Pro-Bono Coaching

- Social media buzz

- Case studies and articles

- Support through Coaching and mentorship

3. Engage! The best way is on the social media. Follow, join and contribute.

                    (group page)

4. Take advantage of your membership and ICF WA resources

- Recording of Virtual Learnings

Access ‘Members-Only’ area by logging in to the website for recordings

- Case studies

A few of our members contributed case-studies and testimonials you may find useful.

- ICF Global Business development resources

- Add your profile picture and details on the website. There is a member spotlight on the home page.

5. Test your creativity and execution of an idea (aligned with our vision and mission) by bringing it to ICF and getting our support and resources.

Some examples:

- Taking ICF to a conference with a booth, Coaching panels and talks

- Coaches Panels inside companies

6. Attend and promote our events

- In-person Satellite Events

- Virtual Learning

- Other events we will plan for 2019

7. Bring mutual beneficial and strategic partners

- Have your school advertise on our website

- Introduce us to influencers who want to bring Coaching to their organizations

Always have your creative Coach hat on! And there may be even more opportunities for us to play together. Each one of you is on an ignited soul on a world transformational journey. What you will bring will be unique and novel.

We all bring different experiences, expertise, skills and niches. Build strategic relationships with your fellow coaches. Support each other!

My own journey with ICF has been nothing short of miraculous. My personal growth, the camaraderie and support of the board members and the fun we have together, the network I have built and the professional opportunities that have come by and the support of hundreds of fellow coaches; are some of the gifts I have received with my involvement with ICF.

I invite you to experience this for yourself and you will be pleased.

Reach out to me anu(AT) or any one of us on the board to have a conversation.

Please join me in welcoming this year’s Board. It is Aidan’s and Margo’s first year. A huge welcome for them to make their precious time and talent available for this cause. Sharmin, Natalia, Malinda and Bahar; we co-created 2018 and I am deeply appreciative of the value each one of you brings to the Board.

Lyssa deHart who is cheering and supporting in the background in 2019, and leaves an unparalleled legacy in her years with the ICF WA Board as its President in 2107 and Past President in 2018. To her, we are grateful. Thank you, Lyssa!

 Anu Arora  President
 Aidan Waine  Treasurer/President Elect
 Sharmin Banu              Past President
 Natalia Harm  Director of Virtual Events
 Malinda Norris  Director of Satellites
 Margo Myers  Director of Outreach
 Bahar Tarhan  Director of Membership

Look forward to a safe, courageous and a vulnerable year together.

Anu Arora

Your President for 2019

Dear Master Coach

Dear Master Coach:

Every quarter, Patty Burgin, author and opiner at “Dear Master Coach,” fights off the urge to not give advice and gives advice to the coaches of ICF Washington State. This month’s 

This month I’m thinking about how a professional coach or coaching leader should be with coachees when his or her own life hits a speed-bump. Or a wall: Should we tell them? Should we keep coaching? And if we do, what should we do with all of the affection and offers of support that pour in? Listen to my thoughts on the subject and then I’d love it if you’d post some of your own.


Listen to Patricia Burgin’s “Dear Master Coach” quarterly 4 minute answers at:

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