President’s Message

It is only the mid of 2018 and so much already are happening in our chapter! Another ICF Chapter president told me recently, “Even if you don’t do anything else for the rest of the year, it would still be a great year!”. Hope you would agree with her.

Our priority this year has been member education/engagement and coaching promotion. Here are some reasons to celebrate this last quarter (April-June).

Member Education/Engagement

- Provided 25 virtual and in person events (April-June).

- International Coach Week (ICW) – Four virtual events and two in-person (satellite) events.

- Launched an interactive event- Kitchen Table Conversation with Anu and Sharmin (90 min Video). We had a quite an engaging conversation, attracted a few very experienced members who got so inspired that they got involved with the chapter right away.

- Formed a committee of mentor coaches to deliver this webinar in July- Pathway to Credentialing: From Daunting to Do-able

Coaching promotion/ Member Engagement

- Completed the UWB MBA coaching program pilot with University of Washington Bothell Business School with very high notes. Ten of our coaches coached total 14 MBA students.

- Launched the Ignite Program. 12 coaches are coaching a total of 13 leaders in two local non-profit organizations.

- Formed a committee comprising of experienced members to design the ICF/Coaching showcase experience at a local non-coaching conference this fall.

Leadership Beyond Washington

We are regularly in conversation with other chapter leaders, specifically those in the North America Western Region (Canada and US) to learn and to collaborate. Our member and one of the past president Jody McCrain provided leadership by organizing the David Drake webinar for the region. ICF Leaders in Arizona are learning from our satellite model as they are in the process of creating a One Arizona chapter by consolidating multiple city based chapters in Arizona.

Checkout our website, join the social media outlets on Linked In(page), Facebook(group) , Facebook page and/or Twitter. Bring your ideas for promoting coaching at a scale. Let’s create a splash in the market place and hence create more business opportunities for our member coaches. Stay tuned for the call for volunteers. Join hands in our I-to-We mission.

-Sharmin Banu MS, PCC


Dear Master Coach

Dear Master Coach:

This month I asked a bunch of spectacular new coaches-in-training (SeattleCoach Cohort #30 to be exact) what they thought I should talk about in my little advice column.

The irony of my question was not lost on them. I love these people because, before they came to coaching, each one worked hard to be one of the best in town at something else. Each of them is already in possession of some major subject matter expertise and experience (SME). Now they have volunteered to be beginners again and they already know the drill: that coaching is not telling, advising, consulting, converting, rescuing, propping up or nagging.

They looked back at me and started talking about how truly fulfilling it is to give advice: You get to share your expertise/experience. And you have this deep sense of satisfaction that you’re earning your keep. You might even become the hero.

“OK.” They said, “Maybe talk about how we can use our SME at the same time we learn to coach the person, not the problem.

Read or listen to the 5’12” video version of my thoughts on their great question


Listen to Patricia Burgin’s “Dear Master Coach” quarterly 4 minute answers at:

Coaching Partnership with UW Bothell

We just completed our very first pilot coaching project with the UW Bothell Business School. This falls under our coaching promotion initiative. Ten of our member coaches coached 14 MBA students.  These two comments capture the essense of the experience our coaches created:

"It was good to learn how to step back and look objectively at a problem.  It also helps to vocalize issues to improve clarity on the situation."

"The one on one coaching was helpful to get my goals together and start working on them while being able to discuss in length about those with the coach."

The Dean of the Business School, Sandeep Krishnamurthy has a video message for us

If you want to get involved for the next round, fill out this google form and we will contact you as we form the new coaching pool.

Ignite: Social Progress Through Coaching

Ignite is a global initiative led by the ICF foundation to ignite social progress through coaching. We at ICF Washington have taken it further and are engaging with two non-profit organizations that are working in the field of education. Sound Child care solutions is a child care center consortium and they serve local & diverse communities. Our coaches will be working with their center directors. Y-WE is an organization working to empower young women aged 8 to 18, and we are working with their core leadership team. We have 12 amazing credentialed (ranging from ACC to MCC) ICF member coaches who are giving their time to this initiative. They will be coaching total 13 leaders. That is giving back at its best! The ignite team is led by ICF WA member coaches Osnat Lustig and Aditi Patil and supported by the ICF WA board. To get involved next year, please contact Aditi at

Are You Looking for Ways to Meet the Community?

There are many ways to get to meet your community both via in-person and online. We have total six satellite groups throughout the state. We also have monthly webinars. Another online networking event is in the planning phase right now. Here is the event calendar for you to check out the upcoming events. Meet the Board of Directors, feel free to reach out with questions. Our Facebook and Linked in Groups are a great way to interact with your fellow chapter members, ask questions, share ideas. Linked in Facebook  and Twitter: @ICFWAState


Written by Sandra Jones, PCC

We’ve heard you loud and clear, sometimes getting that initial ACC credential seems like it’s just not worth it, a lot of work, and you’d like some support! As a result, seasoned, certified coaches will deliver a webinar to support you on your journey to certification. All non-credentialed ICF WA members were sent a SURVEY via Survey Monkey in June designed to give us clarity about your challenges in getting your ACC credential. Your feedback via the survey plus the information we gain from you through this webinar will help us design a webinar to address those challenges. This FREE Zoom webinar will be open to all members and designed for non-credentialed members. Those attending will receive 1.5 CCEUs. The webinar will be held on

Wednesday, July 18th at 6:00 - 7:30 pm.

Click this link to register for the webinar.

(A recording will be available, if you are not able to attend live.)

If you are interested in getting your ACC credential, fellow coaches want to support you in doing so. Join us on Wednesday, July 18th for this Pathway to Credentialing webinar

Questions: Contact Sandra Jones at



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