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Our Vice President Anu Arora and I just came back from the Global leadership forum held on March 15-17 in Vancouver BC. Chapter leaders from 104 countries across the globe joined. We felt fortunate to witness how big ICF is, how enormous ICF’s influence is worldwide (143 countries, 32K members worldwide). The ICF CEO Magda Mook reinforced the One ICF motto. She gave a video message for our members at Washington state.

ICF chapters are categorized as small, medium and large and we are a large chapter. We are one of the matured chapters of ICF as well. It means others look up to us to lead the way. Our virtual learning program and our distributed satellite model has been inspiring for many other chapters.  They asked me how we started those programs. Many of the challenges faced by the newer chapters (fund issue, board turn over, difficulty in providing quality programs) are only a vague memory of the distant past for us. Thank you Virtual team, Satellite leaders, the board and the former leaders of the chapter for all your engagement and many volunteer hours to make this happen on a consistent basis. Thank all the past and present volunteers, members, for your support in bringing  ICF WA to the chapter it is today. 

Another strength we have is our very competent board members and the project leads. Our model of recruiting (in depth interview, matching opportunities with a person’s interest and competence, providing a taste of the board by allowing you to volunteer in a project before taking a full board role) is not common for other chapters. It is due to our quality recruitment we are able to maintain a stable and a capable board. 

As I mentioned, in our video message, coaching promotion is our next area of growth as a chapter. The goal is to create increased awareness for coaching in the market place and hence create more business opportunities for our coaches.  Here are some of our accomplishments since the beginning of the year.

-        Provided seventeen (17) events via virtual and in person (Jan-March). It is more than five (5) events per month

-        Launched the MBA coaching program pilot with University of Washington Bothell Business School. Ten of our coaches are providing coaching for 14 MBA students. I am hearing very encouraging feedback.

-        Initiated the Ignite Program Planning Team. Our coaches will provide coaching to the leadership of a local non-profit. Full Launch is in April. 

-        Secured the funding to showcase ICF and Coaching at a large non-coaching conference later this year

We are planning to do a webinar to talk about our vision and share our learnings from the Global leadership forum. Stay tuned for an event announcement.

There couldn’t be a better time to be a member of ICF Washington. If you haven’t renewed your membership, do it today. Every ICF member worldwide, whether they are in India or in Ecuador pays $245 per year to be part of ICF.

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One of our volunteers said this.  “Volunteering with ICFWA helped me grow tremendously that I never imagined possible “. Ready to roll up your sleeves? Join the “I-to-WE” mission with us, Check out the volunteer page and email me today!

-Sharmin Banu, MS, PCC

President ICF Washington

Dear Master Coach

Those "Not-You" Voices

I want to talk this month in my little advice column to you guys who are pushing your boundaries.

Earlier this week I stood in front of forty smart, ambitious, good-hearted, high-performing people and started talking about leadership coaching.  In a few minutes, before I stood up, I took a deep breath and thought about how the audience and I were both vulnerable to "not-you" voices. . .

You know the ones: The voices in your head that either trash-talk you or tell you that you’re fabulous at all times. They both suggest that the status quo is the best option, so of course they get extra busy and threatened when we turn towards what’s possible or desirable—or when we’re about to take a calculated risk. And both the members of my audience and I were about to do that! There was the possibility of a lot of static on the line.

I have a friend who used to work for the Secret Service. You may know that those are the people in our government who are charged with spotting and weeding out counterfeit money. You probably won’t be surprised to know that the Secret Service trains its agents not by showing them examples of the fake stuff but by simply having them become very familiar with the real thing.

As loud and convincing as our “not-you” voices can be, they are not nearly as big and compelling as your soul’s truest, highest best voice—and if you’re a person of faith, they’re not as big as God’s either (This of course means I think good theology = good psychology.) In my life, God’s voice and increasingly my own, are marked by grace, clarity and specifics. Both voices are respectful and growth-oriented. Both make me want to do better and get better in these few decades I have on the Pebble.

One of my clients is an aerial fire-fighter—she flies a big tanker that drops tons on water where it’s needed most during our hot Northwest summers. Here’s what her true voice sounds like: “You know what I love Patty? I love flying in low and saving the town. That and splashing my hot, exhausted colleagues on the ground.” She is such a good pilot that her company gave her a new aircraft to fly. That’s when her “not-you” voice got busy. I asked her a series of questions to which she had to truthfully answer “yes”: “Have you logged hundreds of hours? Is your training up-to-date? Are you careful? Do you fly by the book? Good reviews? Is flying fun? . . .” Then I said, “Your truest, highest, best voice is far more interesting to me than the other one.” My smart, successful, motivated client looked back at me and with a combination of authority and mischief, said, “There’s an old beater airplane on the far side of the airfield that no one ever flies. Maybe I’ll ask the “not-me” voice to go sit in it and make airplane noises while I go up.”

I’ve done this long enough that when I stood up on Monday, I took an experienced deep breath and listened for a moment to my own true voice. Then I smiled at my audience, trusting that my calm authority would be contagious, and I began. Then, after a few minutes, I invited them to talk about why they’d put themselves in the room. I didn’t have to focus on each person’s gremlin, saboteur, critical voice or imposter syndrome because forty versions of the real thing began to come out to play.

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Volunteer Need

You all know that all the fantastic programs and initiatives we have in our chapter are due to the generous contribution of our member volunteers. This year we are looking for volunteers to run some of the popular programs, like the Fishbowl and the Award gala. Without your help, we will not be able to have these programs. We are also looking for someone who can help our treasurer this year and possibly join the board the next year. Here is a full list of immediate volunteer need.


There is a common myth that the moment you say “yes” it will suck up all your time. This year we have made a commitment to run the chapter programs more sustainably. Any engagement will have to have an alignment with your competencies and growth aspirations. Let us talk and find out what will inspire your passion. Fill out this form and set up a time to talk with any of us or simply reply to this newsletter.

Are You Looking for Ways to Meet the Community?

There are many ways to get to meet your community both via in-person and online. We have a total of six satellite groups throughout the state. We also have monthly webinars. Another online networking event is in the planning phase right now. Here is the event calendar for you to check out the upcoming events.

Meet the Board of Directors, feel free to reach out with questions.

We have Facebook and Linked in Groups as well. This is a great way to interact with your fellow chapter members, ask questions, share ideas.

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