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The ICFWA Team with the UWB Graduate Program Adviser

ICF WA Coaches during the launch


UW Bothell Business School Team and ICF WA Team after a successful completion of collaboration through coaching - Associate Dean P.V. (Sundar) Balakrishnan; ICFWA Past President Anu Arora, ACC; ICFWA Past President Sharmin Banu, MS, PCC; Program Manager Angela Harris Wilson, MBA; Dean Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Ph.D.

ICF-WA University Partnerships 2022

ICF-WA continues its strong partnership three state universities in the Graduate Schools of Business. We are launching our fourth full year with University of Washington Bothell School of Business, coaching graduate students in the MBA and MS in Accounting programs. We are in our second year with University of Washington Tacoma School of Business and our first year with Washington State University’s EMBA program.

Our goal in University Partnerships is to elevate the value and impact of coaching in the business world, for leaders who may not be exposed to the benefits of coaching until later in their careers. Graduate MBA students in all programs and the executive coaches volunteering, say they would recommend this program and its value to other students and coaches.

    • “My coach and I have developed a strong relationship. I have gained so much introspective work from the time I have spent with her that is hard to accomplish in the classroom. I could not recommend this (experience) enough.” UW Bothell MBA student.
    • “Growth can occur at any time, from any individual, at any age - we cannot put limits on how much others can teach us! Throughout the experience, I gained insights on my personal, professional, and educational inspirations.” UW Tacoma MBA student
    • “MBA students who collaborate with coaches will be better business leaders because of this experience. That was made clear to me, and I am grateful for the experience.” ICF-WA Coach Volunteer

University of Washington Bothell

Coaches provide four (4) one-hour sessions per graduate over two quarters, with volunteer intake periods in Fall and Spring for the MBA and MS in Accounting programs. Students open enroll for the coaching option each quarter. Contact Amy Funkhouser Watkins - UW Bothell MBA and MS Accounting programs. Contact Amy AT

Washington State University

Coaches provide three (3) one-hour sessions per graduate student each quarter. Some coaches may elect to coach more than one student over a couple of quarters if matched again. Students open enroll for the coaching option each quarter. Contact Desiree Briel Rodi - WSU EMBA program

University of Washington Tacoma

Coaches provide three (3) one-hour sessions per graduate student in Spring quarter in the Becoming a Leader course, one of the final classes in their program. As this is not open enrollment based, ICF-WA coach volunteers may work with more than twenty-four students that quarter. Contact Anne Reeve - UW Tacoma MBA (Becoming A Leader) program

Our volunteer coaches hold an ACC, PCC, or greater credential, have completed an Accredited Coaching Program with 50 hours of coaching experience, or have multiple years in the coaching profession. All coaches offering pro-bono service to leaders must carry liability insurance.

Please complete the coaching application form if you meet the requirements and are interested in volunteering. We will in touch to confirm your availability as we form the coaching pools for each program. We hope you will join us! Any questions about our University Program or Pro-Bono Coaching Opportunities in general, contact UP Director, Anne Reeve

Sandeep Krishnamurthy

The X Factor - UW Bothell Business School Dean from ICF Washington State