Downtown Seattle Satellite - Coaching Crisis Responders

  • Thursday, March 11, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
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March 11, 2021 - 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm - Zoom

Deborah Needham, ACC

   1.5 Core Competency CCEUs

Can you come up with a single word to capture how you felt in 2020?

How about 2021?

If you are feeling the stress of the moment, you are not alone.

And if you happen to be one of the crisis responders-- medics, firefighters, police officers, healthcare workers, or mental health professionals, to name a few – you’d find that stress magnified tenfold.

Although based on research and experiences in the crisis professions, the approach applies to any client taking a leadership role in helping others navigate the crisis, including business owners, supervisors, teachers, and even parents.

Operating in a risk zone demands not only razor-sharp thinking and high alertness, but also every bit of empathy one has. When stretched beyond their limits, these qualities can be exhausted and lead to burnout or worse.

Coaches working with clients in these roles must be aware of the context in which the client is operating and leverage psychological principles to better support them in their challenges.

In this session participants will learn to:

• Identify hallmarks of crisis

• Broaden the definition of a crisis responder

• Understand the mindset and challenges of the client

• Recognize and de-escalate a threat state in the client

• Maintain appropriate empathetic boundaries

• Know the emotional intelligence competencies for client effectiveness and resilience

• Discern when a therapy referral is needed

Leading the session:

Deborah Needham, ACC, works with crisis leaders in her coaching practice, Crisis Optimist Coaching & Consulting. She is a former paramedic, and is a Certified Emergency Manager®, managing disasters and other emergencies for a city of over 100,000 residents. She holds an MA in Organizational Systems with a specialization in Leadership and Organization Development. As part of her graduate studies she developed a crisis leadership curriculum based on emotional intelligence competencies. She has delivered a keynote presentation on the subject at a professional conference, and has presented several related workshops and conference sessions. You can reach Deb at or through her website at