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In early September, Vice President Anu were at  the orientation session of the UW Bothell MBA class to launch the fall coaching program. Only a year ago this was merely a dream, an audacious idea and now here we are bringing ICF closer to the business community one strategic relationship at a time. 

 Our intention has come down to one simple word –Relationships

 With whom? Internally with our members and externally with the business community, the consumers of coaching. 

 Why? Promoting ICF/coaching so that consumers are more aware of coaching. Providing support for professional excellence for the members. 

 How? This is how we manifested our intention during this last quarter (July-Sept) 

 Promoting Coaching/ICF 

 -Completed the MBA coaching program pilot with University of Washington Bothell Business School with very high notes. Ten of our coaches coached total 14 MBA students. Launched phase 2 in Sept. Total 24 coaches will provide coaching to the entire class.

-Wrapped up our very first Ignite Project. Our members provided pro-bono coaching for the leaders of two local non-profit organizations. One of the leaders sent us this testimonial:   " (through coaching)...I found the happiness I sought. I am on a journey now of new discovery and have renewed confidence.͟"

-Showcased coaching at a premier business event in Seattle, GeekWire Summit. 18 members have worked relentlessly for three months for this. We wrote an article, hosted a trade show booth and provided 25-min coaching to 82 attendees in two days.

Supporting Professional Excellence 

 -For the very first time delivered this webinar - Pathway to Credentialing: From Daunting to Do-able. A panel of mentor coaches discussed ways coaches can make strides in the credentialing process. 

 -Planning an in-person event on Nov 10, Autumn Renewal: Connections That Inspire. This event is organically co-created by the five satellites in our chapter. It is a testimony of how creative we become when we tap into our collective resourcefulness. 

 -Provided total 16 virtual and satellite events (July-Sept). 

 Leadership Beyond Washington

We are regularly in conversation with other chapter leaders, specifically those in the North America Western Region (Canada and US) to learn and to collaborate. ICF Leaders in Arizona are learning from our satellite model as they are in the process of creating a One Arizona chapter by consolidating multiple city-based chapters in Arizona. 

This week I was having a conversation with the past president of the New York Chapter. She was quite intrigued by our coaching promotion initiatives. 

Checkout our website, join the social media outlets on Linked In(page), Facebook (interactive group),Facebook page and/or Twitter. Bring your ideas for promoting coaching at a scale. Let’s create a splash in the market place and hence create more business opportunities for our member coaches. Stay tuned for the call for volunteers. Join hands in our I-to-We mission.

 -Sharmin Banu, MS, PCC 

President ICF Washington

Dear Master Coach

Dear Master Coach:

Every quarter, Patty Burgin, author and opiner at “Dear Master Coach,” fights off the urge to not give advice and gives advice to the coaches of ICF Washington State. This month’s question:

Dear Master Coach. At what point does the thick line between coaching and therapy get thin? (Keep reading, or if you prefer, click below to listen to the audio version).


Listen to Patricia Burgin’s “Dear Master Coach” quarterly 4 minute answers at:

ICF WA & UW School of Business - Partnership 2.0

Following a very successful pilot during Spring term, ICF-WA is back at UW School of Business, scaling up and offering professional coaching to the MBA program students. The 24 member coaches who volunteered their pro-bono time and skills will allow us to serve up to 45-50 students. Thank you coaches!

During the September orientation for new students, Sharmin and Anu stirred up quite an interest as they reflected on the success of the pilot and the great opportunities ahead. This exciting initiative will span Fall –Winter school terms and as our pilot experience demonstrated it is likely to help the students bring out the best in them as they head on for more challenging professional roles.

Ignite: An Update

ICF Ignite Initiative came to a close this Sep 2018, and we completed coaching engagements with 4 leaders from two organizations. This was an exciting pilot which found great enthusiasm with 11 coaches volunteering their time, and coaching skills.

The Ignite team recently completed a call with all Ignite Coaches to share, learn and celebrate.

Some of our highlights were as below:

Share: The coaches answered the three questions below:

  • What did you appreciate about and during this initiative?
  • If there was one thing you could improve, what would it be?
  • How would you like to support such initiatives in the future?

While the coaches appreciated the support provided by the core ignite team, there was a resounding consensus on supporting many such projects in the future.

Learn: There was great discussion on learnings through the project, and some of the highlights were:

  • How can we ensure better education & awareness among coachees about coaching?
  • It is important for coaches to understand the bigger picture on how coaching impacts the organizational goals.
  • Communication is extremely important through the process to ensure participation.

Celebrate: There was indeed a lot to celebrate. We celebrated being torch-bearers of the Ignite initiative by being among the 35 chapters who have successfully deployed this initiative. ICF has more than 150 chapters worldwide.

We also celebrated an awesome testimonial of coaching. Lori Vanderbilt our Ignite coach shared what her coachee Laura Mcallister had to say about her coaching experience.

"Lori gave me the support I needed to get through a huge unexpected transition with my work, and ended up being a lifeline to me at time when I might have sunk. I am grateful, and would definitely recommend coaching for anyone who is not completely satisfied with the direction of his or her personal or professional life."

Next steps: We are gathering all feedback together and working closely with the ICF foundation to ensure all data is sent to them for closing the project. We will take all learnings into account, and strategize by the end of the year, on the way forward for Ignite 2.0

For more information on Ignite please contact Aditi Patil (

Are You Looking for Ways to Meet the Community?

There are many ways to get to meet your community both via in-person and online. We have total six satellite groups throughout the state. We also have monthly webinars. Another online networking event is in the planning phase right now. Here is the event calendar for you to check out the upcoming events. Meet the Board of Directors, feel free to reach out with questions. Our Facebook and Linked in Groups are a great way to interact with your fellow chapter members, ask questions, share ideas. Linked in Facebook  and Twitter: @ICFWAState


You are invited to an engaging, live event in Seattle on November 10-Autumn Renewal: Connections That Inspire. Brought to you by the five satellites of Washington State ICF, you will be treated to a fishbowl coaching experience with mentor coaches, breakout sessions with several speakers who will inspire your creative instincts, and a special approach to networking that will help us build a community that is aware of each other’s unique skills, preparing us to expand our work outside the familiar boxes.

The event will take place on the beautiful grounds of the Talaris Conference Center in Seattle on Nov 10, 10 - 3PM, lunch included. Help us build community among the members of our satellites, mark your calendars and spread the word to others in your circle of professionals. More details to follow.

ICF Booth and Coaching Sessions at The GeekWire Summit

Our team attended the GeekWire 2018 Summit on Oct 1-3 at the Seattle Sheraton. We presented a trade show booth and provided a total of 82 coaching sessions to the attendees. It was a huge success! We exceeded our goal by 36%. The coachees loved the sessions and got real value in 20-25 minutes. The project started in June. The team created this content-rich page and wrote this article to attract the delegates.

We had a total of 18 people in our team - Aidan Waine, Anu Arora, Janet Harvey, Janet Williams Hepler, Janis Machala, John Brewer, Julie Lynn Hankes, Kelly Holm, Kendra Redman (ICF Global Rep), Kristiina Hiukka, Lori Dye, Margo Myers, Mate Rivera-Uribe, Micheline Germanos, Miryam Chavarria Romero, Samia Kornweibel, Sharmin Banu and Stacy Duhon. Here is a message to the team from John Brewer, our project lead -

“You all showed up as professional coaches and the engagement and presence were so clear to see, to me, to my colleagues (you) and many I spoke with at the Summit.

Leading is partly about going first ... taking the initiative .. being brave ... collectively we did GeekWire for the first time. So Congrats for your boldness and gratitude for your volunteering time, + your excellence as coaches - IMPRESSIVE. Your individual energy was GREAT, the collective energy was EVEN GREATER, aka Sharmin's POWER OF WE. I was so touched and proud to be part of this and share the experience with this group and I hope you felt the same. And that is maybe why we overachieved! “



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